Sure Seal Envelopes Window DL 100gsm

If you are looking for some inspiration for the office, add some Office Depot Sure Seal 100gsm window envelopes to your Viking order.

These peel-and-seal left window envelopes are fast, easy to use and much more hygienic than traditional lick-and-stick versions.

They are perfect for sending important documents and invoices as a secure, tamper-resistant closure avoids the needs for any extra security separations on the rear of the envelope flap.

A quality and professional appearance is assured as all the envelopes are made from bright white 100gsm.

And because the adhesive stays fresh for over a year, you can safely stock up in advance and be certain the quality will not be any less in 12 months time.

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Sure Seal Envelopes Window DL 100gsm

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